Wood Floor Cleaning Services

Among all the floor types, hardwood floors are always being the first choice for homeowners. Along with the home decors, wooden floors embellish your home. To maintain or improve this grace you need proper floor cleaning services. 

Why does your floor need cleaning?

  • Floor cleaning is an investment to enhance the floor’s durability by providing it with proper maintenance. 
  • It helps to remove dirt and allergens. 
  • It also keeps your family healthy by removing vital bacteria and viruses and thoroughly sanitizes the floor.
  • Floor cleaning gives your floor a protective barrier from any damages. 

Why should you choose Clean steam?

You will get lots of floor cleaning companies for your home but few of the companies give you a long-term result. Clean steam is one of them. 

In clean steam, we ensure professional wood floor cleaning techniques to remove all the dirt and germs without damaging the floor.

Benefits of choosing clean steam for floor:

  • Clean steam has professional and certified technicians who use industry-leading equipment for floor cleaning.
  • We don’t mix harmful chemicals with our cleaners and hence the products we use are safe for both children and pets. 
  • We provide deep cleaning by penetrating the grain of the wood and remove dirt, allergens, and germs without leaving any residue. 
  • We follow a cleaning technique that requires less quantity of water and hence prevents the swelling of the wood.
  • After cleaning, we provide a long-lasting polish that acts as a protective barrier for your floor.






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