Car Upholstery Cleaning Services

From months of being on the go, food and beverages spill, and pet hair, to the bits of nature that get tracked in, there is plenty that ends up in the upholstery of our cars. The car’s seats are porous, making them extremely difficult to thoroughly clean. This also causes unpleasant odors that even the best car air fresheners may not be able to battle. This is where Clean Steam comes in! 

We are an expert car upholstery cleaning company in Central Florida specializing in deep cleaning for all types of vehicles. Our experts have helped many people with their car upholstery cleaning needs and we know the precise techniques and use specialized cleaning products to bring your vehicle’s seats and interiors back to life.

Our Process for Cleaning Car Upholstery

Step 1 – Identification  
Our expert cleaners identify the stains/stubborn marks on your car upholstery and apply a pre-spotting application to loosen them from the fibers. 

Step 2 – Agitation  
Once all stubborn stains have been located and the chemical agent is applied, our cleaning experts then agitate the dirt molecules using state-of-the-art equipment. This lifts the dirt while breaking it down, allowing drill brushes to remove the stains.

Step 3 – Extraction and Rinse
We use the hot water extraction method to remove all the dirt. Hot water mixed with an eco-friendly chemical agent applied at high pressure helps kill germs and other harmful substances. Also, it removes all dirt and grime within the upholstered seats. This method is not suitable for leather car seats, however, but for that we apply leather cleaner. 

Step 4 – Apply Cleaner
Clean Steam has specially trained technicians to help clean your leather vehicle seats. Our experts apply the leather cleaner to each of the seats using a microfiber cloth, removing the top layer of dirt and grease.

Step 5 – Re-Conditioning
Once all the dirt and grease are removed from the leather seats, our technicians apply a leather conditioner to renew and keep the leather looking supple. This is an essential step after the cleaning process, as failure to do so can result in cracked seats.


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