Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Your office is the center point of your business. It is a place where you negotiate with clients, seal the deals, and celebrate successes. However, if your office carpet is not at the top of its game, it can hurt the appearance and the feel of your office. This is why you need professional office carpet cleaning services for your Debary business, and Clean Steam can provide that at an affordable price. 

We work one on one with offices in Debary, Sanford, and Lake Mary Florida helping keep the carpets clean and sanitized along with a bespoke look for all of your clients and staff to enjoy. Our cleaners are trained and certified to ensure the long life span of your carpet.

Our Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Stain Removal
Whether your office carpet has been affected by dirty shoes, chewing gum, or food stains, Clean Steam has you covered. We use intensive cleaning procedures that help eliminate even the toughest stains . Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and non-toxic. To find out more about our carpet cleaning and how we can improve your office carpet, contact us today.

Hot Water Extraction
Office carpets are subject to a lot of foot traffic with dirt tracking in, making it a breeding ground for germs and allergens. To effectively clean a heavily soiled carpet, professional office carpet cleaning services from our company are best. Clean Steam uses a hot-water extraction technique for a thorough clean. 

Odor Removal
Guests, clients, and employees can be very tough on carpets, leaving behind stains. After long periods of use, the carpets typically develop a bad smell. The lingering odor is unattractive to both staff and visitors, so you need office carpet cleaning and odor removal services for your business as soon as possible. Clean Steam uses compounds that remove the strong odors, giving a fresh feel in your office.  

Regular Clean and Maintenance
First impression counts and your office carpeting has a lot to contribute to it. Regular office carpet cleaning service from Clean Steam helps your office space look clean and spotless. We use advanced carpet cleaning techniques to help achieve excellent results while preventing early re-soiling.

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